Picok Silky Facial Tissues 3Boxes X 8Packs ( 24 Boxes ) Bulk

Rs. 3,920 Rs. 5,120
  • QTY : 3Boxes X 8 Packs = 24Boxes

  • 3 Boxes in 1Pack, 150 Pulls, 2 Ply (Sheet size : 21.5cm X 21.5cm)
  • 100% Natural Virgin Pulp : You can relax because there are made from 100% Natural Virgin Pulp
  • 4 Safety System : Fluorescent Whitening Agent Free, no printing, no scent, no formaldehyde
  •  Softness without Irritation : It can be used on children and sensitive skin.
  • Less Dusty Tissues : It's easy to use because it's less dusty and clean.
  • Country of Origin : South Korea

PICOK, a brand of deluxe tissue papers

The brand name PICOK refers to the peacock, the national bird of India which symbolizes luck, love, and beauty. In South Korea, there is a culture to give bathroom tissues as a gift for housewarming parties. The message is to bring prosperity and positive vibes to new homes of families and friends. We hope to bring joy and prosperity to your families through PICOK.

Natural Pulp

Picok Facial Tissues are made from high quality of 100% natural pulp. So its fiber is ultra soft and safe for all family members.

Safe for All Skin

No Fluorescent whitening agent, No formaldehyde,No printing,No fragrance. It is harmless and safe for children and people with sensitive skin.

Less Dust&Lint

Our tissues are managed in the facility of Dust Intensive Care System with 60 suction vents for hygienic and super soft products.

Silky Softness

The tissue is super soft like feathers. It gives your skin smoothness and cleans gently without skin irrigation. Feel the silky touch everyday.

Fluorescent Whitening Agent Zero (Tested by KCL)

The tissue paper of Ultra Soft is safe for all your family members. Our products tested and got the certificate of Fluorescent Whitening Agent Free and Formaldehyde free by KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories).

Top Quality of Dust Intensive Care Facility

Our products are manufactured at the top quality of facility in South Korea. The facility has Dust Intensive Care System to provide the best quality of products. Dust and Lint from the fibers are removed through the 60 dust suction vents installed in the area where dust comes. The system is equipped with the suction capacity of about 168,000m³ per hour.